South Florida HVAC Servicing & Maintenance

Did you know that it is possible to improve heating and air conditioning system efficiency, without investing in a new HVAC system?

During summer, heating and air conditioning systems work 24/7 to keep South Florida buildings cool.

Naturally, this comes at the expense of high energy costs. However, professional cleaning and tuning-up of home and business HVAC systems can maximize efficiency and all-important home comfort

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Benefits

Every HVAC system needs a tune-up once in a while. You might not have noticed airflow or cooling problems. However, this doesn’t mean that all your HVAC system components are working as optimally as they could be.

To enhance HVAC system efficiency and prolong heating and air conditioning system lifespans, Antarctica offers regular and occasional maintenance of home and business HVAC units. More importantly, Antarctica tune-ups can keep even older systems operating at 95% of their original energy efficiency.

Benefit from reduced annual home and business energy costs

Stay one step ahead of minor mechanical issues which could lead to a future breakdown

Prolong the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning system

Maximize home and business occupant comfort by maximizing airflow and staying ahead of common thermostat problems

Increase overall HVAC system efficiency by investing in duct cleaning and periodic system health checks

Avoid Heating and Air Conditioning System Breakdowns

When an HVAC repair is necessary, it is often the case that HVAC repair costs could have been reduced (if not eliminated) beforehand, by investing in regular maintenance. For this reason, Antarctica offers occasional and regular HVAC maintenance to property owners all across Miami and the surrounding South Florida area.

Why Antarctica is the Right Choice

Some air conditioning companies in South Florida, offer regular HVAC servicing as a rouse to hard sell other products and services. Many will discover non-existent faults. Others will recommend extensive HVAC repairs and full system replacements when neither is necessary.

Thankfully, Antarctica is different. Benefit from honest HVAC maintenance, from home and business heating and air conditioning experts who really do put your needs first. Call or contact one of our team today, to discuss a service schedule that’s right for you.

Antarctica strives to be the coolest HVAC repair and new heating and air conditioning company in South Florida. Call for 24-hour AC repairs in Miami, or to get a free quote on a new HVAC system installation.

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