New HVAC System Purchase & Installation

For a new 1,000 square foot home in South Florida, the average cost of a modern HVAC system can amount to anywhere between $6,000 and $12,000.

When investing in a new home heating and air conditioning system, it is, therefore, essential to work with only South Florida’s most trusted air conditioning companies.

How to Choose a New HVAC System for Your Home

Home heating and air conditioning technologies have advanced significantly in recent years. This being the case, investing in a new HVAC system could help you save between 20% and 50% in annual home energy costs. However, it is essential that South Floridians invest in the right HVAC system for their property type.

Match Your Home with the Right HVAC System with Antarctica

At Antarctica, we help Miami and South Florida homeowners choose the right new HVAC system, by offering free onsite home heating and air conditioning

During on-site consultations, Antarctica teams will investigate your existing property ductwork. Many air conditioning companies overlook such investigations

However, the efficiency of ducts in properties has a direct effect on HVAC system performance. Where ductwork is efficiently laid out, our teams will often recommend smaller in size (and often more affordable) new HVAC systems. Where ducts aren’t efficient or well maintained, we may recommend a more powerful system, or advise on necessary alterations.

During property inspections, Antarctica HVAC teams also take into consideration other factors including:

How well insulated properties are

Property window styles and locations

Estimated load calculations (Where we determine what style and size of HVAC system will best serve a specific property)

Whether a new HVAC system should be placed indoors or outdoors

Optimized placement of air filters for easy maintenance and replacement

After shortlisting the most suitable new HVAC systems, Antarctica teams also discuss essential factors such as likely future maintenance costs with homeowners. Our prerogative, if you like, is to be as transparent as possible in terms of HVAC system pricing and expected future running costs.

New HVAC System Installation

Antarctica is one of just a few air conditioning companies in South Florida which is accredited by major HVAC brands and can fabricate new HVAC ductwork in-house. This being the case, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction when purchasing and installing new HVAC systems with us.

During installation, we keep property disruption to a minimum. More importantly, our technicians don’t leave until you are comfortable operating any new HVAC system. All you need to do to benefit from our expertise is call or contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation.

Antarctica strives to be the coolest HVAC repair and new heating and air conditioning company in South Florida. Call for 24-hour AC repairs in Miami, or to get a free quote on a new HVAC system installation.

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